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Loreto Code Of Behaviour

The following Rules of Behaviour are necessary if our Mission Statement is to be a reality:

  1.  Mutual respect, courtesy and honesty are required of everyone in our school community.
  2. Students are required to obey instructions from all members of school staff at all times.
  3. School uniform is to be worn every day during school and study hours and at examination times.  If a student does not have a particular item of uniform she must report before first class to the Principal’s Office.  Students may be supplied with replacement items of uniform, which they will be expected to wear. If this breach of rules occurs repeatedly a student may be given lunchtime detention.
  4. All students must go punctually to assigned classes.
  5. Rules pertaining to specialist classrooms – e.g. Science, Home Economics, Technology – must be strictly obeyed.
  6. Students are to remain on the school premises during school hours.  If a student needs to leave the school during school hours for a dental or medical appointment or for some unavoidable reason, she must meet her Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal and show a note signed by her parent/guardian.  She must then sign out in the designated Signing Our Book, filling in the name of the teacher who has approved her signed note.  Failure to follow this procedure is seen as a serious breach of school rules and a sanction will be imposed.
  7. Between 12.50 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. senior pupils may leave the school grounds.  1st , 2nd and 3rd  year pupils must remain on the school premises, in the designated areas, at this time.
  8. Section 18 of the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 states: “Where a child is absent from the school at which he or she is registered during part of a day, or for a school day or more than a school day, the parent of such child shall… Notify the Principal of the school of the reasons for the child’s absence”.  Therefore, all absences from the school must be explained by a note giving the reason for the absence.
  9. Smoking on any part of the school premises, including the convent garden and convent property, is strictly prohibited.  Students will be suspended for any breach of this health and safety regulation.  They may also be suspended for being in an area of the premises where smoking is known to take place.  Smoking on school outings is strictly forbidden and a breach of this regulation will also lead to suspension.
  10. The use on the school premises or in school uniform or the bringing onto the school premises of alcohol or of prohibited substances will result in suspension or expulsion, regardless of the age of the pupil or pupils involved.  This rule applies also to all school outings and activities.
  11. Magazines or other material unrelated to school subjects should not be brought  on to the premises.
  12. IPods and other players should not be brought into the school.
  13. If a student needs to bring her mobile phone to school it must be switched off and out of sight at all times while on school premises/ grounds or while on school business.  If a phone rings or is being used or displayed it will be confiscated and retained in the school office for 7 days.  Students may be given a replacement school mobile and parents/guardians will be informed of the new number.  Parents/guardians will be responsible for the payment of credit on any replacement phone.  The student will be placed on after school detention.  Any further breach of the mobile phone policy will lead to further sanction.  No responsibility can be taken by the school for any loss or damage to a mobile phone.
  14. Each student is responsible for her own property – books, money, uniform, etc. – within the school.  School management will not accept responsibility for students’ belongings.  The owner’s name should be clearly marked on all books and all items of uniform.  Money should always be kept in the student’s locker or on her person.
  15. Students are expected to respect school property and other students’ property and should not interfere with either.  Graffiti and other forms of vandalism on school property will be seen as serious transgressions of the Code of Behaviour.  Students will be required to pay for such damage.  A charge of €20 will be levied to replace equipment if a student interferes with the fire alarm system.
  16. The use of chewing gum on the school premises is forbidden.
  17. Our Healthy Eating Policy forbids the consumption of fizzy drinks and of crisps on the school premises.  For health and safety reasons, hot food or hot drinks may not be taken out of the Canteen or brought into the school.
  18. Class outings are part of the Pastoral Care Programme of the school or take the form of field trips in History, Geography etc.  In normal circumstances all pupils are expected to participate.  For this reason the cost is kept as low as possible and is communicated well in advance to parents.
  19. Bullying, name calling, ridiculing or abusing any student or students will be regarded as acts of serious misbehaviour.  Cyber bullying is considered to be a very serious breach of the Code of Behaviour and may result in suspension or exclusion from the school.  Photographs must not be taken on school premises or grounds without permission.  It is forbidden to post any school-related photos on social networking websites/ the internet.
  20. Obscene, disrespectful, aggressive or abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

Breaches of these rules or repeated misconduct by a student will leave her open to appropriate disciplinary action, including suspension and even eventual total exclusion from the school.

Behaviour & Respect

Self Respect

  • I develop my talents to the best of my ability. I am attentive in class, and conscientious about my studies.
  • I am punctual, polite and honest.
  • I care for my health. I wear full uniform during the school day and maintain a high standard of hygiene.
  • I develop a sense of personal responsibility. I realise that in breaking School Rules
  • I face a sanction, which is the consequence of my behaviour.

Respect for Others

  • I am friendly and kind to others. I am willing to help another student with her studies or encourage her to get involved in games and other useful activities.
  • I treat others as I would like them to treat me.
  • I recognise and appreciate the special role of the adults in the school community: I greet them on the corridor, and allow them through a doorway before me.
  • I avoid causing unnecessary work for those who care for the school.
  • I realise that any unnecessary disruption on my part prevents others working and concentrating.
  • I have to be particularly careful that I am not seeking unnecessary attention.
  • I avoid any activity that may endanger the safety or well being of others.
  • I leave areas such as toilets, showers, wash basins clean and ready for others to use.
  • I explain absences from school with a letter from my parents/guardians to my Year Head.

Respect for the Environment

  • I take pride in keeping the school clean, tidy, and free of litter and graffiti. I do not use chewing gum.
  • I stack my chair at the end of the school day to facilitate the cleaning of the classroom.
  • I realise that bad language is offensive to other people.
  • I show care, not just for the school, but also for the means of transport I use to and from school.
  • I am well mannered in the shops, and on the street.

Sanction Procedures

Despite the best efforts of School Staff, Parents and Students, it is inevitable that behavioural problems will occur. The aim of the following sanction procedure is to ensure that misbehaviour can be corrected in a manner which is fair, effective and dignified.

  1. Each teacher is responsible for discipline within his/her own classroom. Routine reprimanding by the teacher in charge of class will be the general procedure for minor incidents of indiscipline. The teacher may, depending on the offence, assign extra work and /or relocate the student within the classroom and report to the Class Tutor and Year Head.
  2. A teacher may complete a Referral Form, outlining a student’s unacceptable behaviour. This form will be given to the Year Head and the Class Tutor will be informed.
  3. The Year Head or Deputy Principal may impose detention for individual or repeated incidents of misbehaviour.
  4. In cases of repeated misbehaviour, a student may be put “On Report”.  In this case, the parents / guardians will be notified.
  5. Should a pupil be put “On Report” a second time, parents will be asked to come to the school to discuss their daughter’s behaviour with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head, or Class Tutor
    • The Principal may:
      • Request the parents to give, in writing if necessary, an undertaking on behalf of the pupil, of future good behaviour
      • Request a similar undertaking from the pupil.
      • Impose written conditions on the pupil remaining in the school.
      • A warning will be given that suspension from school could be the next step, should no improvement occur.
  6. Should the Principal, in consultation with the relevant staff, decide that suspension is called for, the parents will be informed in writing.
    • Of the reason for suspension.
    • The period of suspension.
    • That the pupil will be regarded as being in the care of the parents, from the end of the school day in which she is suspended.The School Board of Management will be informed.At the end of the period of suspension, the Principal will review the situation, and decide the conditions under which the pupil will be allowed to return to the school.
  7. The Principal reserves the right to suspend a pupil for a single, serious breach of discipline.It is envisaged that most behavioural problems will be satisfactorily dealt with through the procedure outlined in steps 1 to 7.
    • Finally, in the event of the imposition of Expulsion, the rules of Natural Justice will be applied. Pupils and Parents will be given an opportunity to respond in their own defence, prior to any decision being made.
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